You spring
so far
twenty feet or more
holding in the air
the world
beneath your bounce
oh the arc
the zig zag of desire
the coiled strength
the leap
toward unknown ground
and when down
back up so fast
air seems home
more than ground
the impassable thicket of bush and bramble
sailed over
thorns, pricklers, barbs
no impediment
to sky bound imagination
the perfect trust
in the hop
upward and away
into the day
the landing
a springboard
to the future
the hind leg joy
the flopping ears
the windblown whiskers
the twitching nose
the large eyed stare
fur furrowed by breeze
front paws dangling
will you go
no map
can trace out
no pattern
to your idiosyncratic
leaps and bounds
too alive
to be patterned and captured.